Квартет. Вариант 1, зеленый (на английском)

This game is intended for people ages 8 and up.

The set contains 48 cards which are divided into 12 quartets united by a common theme. The player's object is to collect as many quartets as possible. The game immerses the players into the Bible's world, develops their memory and logic, and broadens the mind.

It is for 4 to 8 players.
There are two releases of the game so that a large company can play it. Just combine the quartets to get 96 cards, and you can expand the circle of players.
Set Up

Deal out the cards evenly to all the players. The cards are combined in the quartets by theme: "Apostles", "Women of the Bible", "Musical instruments", etc.

The object of players is to collect as many quartets as possible.
Rules of the Game

The player who got the last card by dealing goes first. After studying his or her cards, the player determines which quartets to collect. Suppose the first player wants to collect the quartet "Musical instruments" as he or she has one or more of such cards. In this case the player asks for the missing ones from any other participant.
The player asked to give away a card cannot refuse if he or she has what is requested. The others have to remember the Quartet from which the card was requested, in order to understand which particular set is being collected. You can't ask for cards from a Quartet you don't have!

If the player has received the card, he or she can make another turn: address any player again and ask for a new card. Thus, the player collects a Quartet. If the request is unsuccessful, say, the player addresses to the participant who doesn't have cards from the particular Quartet, he or she loses that turn. The play passes to the player addressed last.
When a Quartet is collected, declare about that aloud and put cards on the table.
As soon as a player runs out of cards, he or she finishes the game.
The winner is the player who's collected most of the Quartets.

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48 Cards